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The PATSCAN weapons detection solutions offers a layered security approach  unobtrusive, multi-sensor method to threat detection. Our tactical approach hardens building approach, entry and interior facility security without creating a fortress-like environment for the general public.


PATSCAN TMS offers an effective method for covert threat detection of concealed weapons using machine learning coupled with targeted magnetic signature identification. The PATSCAN TMS offers passive targeting, ease of deployment and effective screening for any weapon restricted facility.


PATSCAN VRS Solution, unlocks the power of your current camera infrastructure to automate the detection of weapons, disturbances and suspicious behaviors. Incidents of interest are instantly displayed to security personnel to allow for the most effective response, guarding your facility, property, staff and visitors from security breaches, violent threats and related incidents.


PATSCAN STS is used to rapidly screen extremely complex samples and identify the concentration of chemicals through the use of tunable electronic signals.  STS sensors detect airborne trace chemicals with a parts-per-billion sensitivity, allowing detection, diagnosis and tracking of trace explosives, chemical warfare agents and volatile organics.

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